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Jack Rabbit Roofing is proud to be the unmatched roofing company of choice for our valued clients in Omaha. We provide a superior customer service experience and results that will leave you satisfied every time.

Residential roofing

Residential Roofing

When you need an outstanding Omaha roofing contractor to take on your residential roofing work, Jack Rabbit Roofing will always be there to answer the call and provide the quality services you're looking for. Our work will make your roof look better, last longer, and stand stronger in the face of the elements so that it can keep protecting your family year after year.

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Commercial roofing

Commercial Roofing

Our roofing company is more than happy and qualified to handle all your commercial roofing needs in Omaha. Protect your place of business by investing in one or more of our commercial roofing services.

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Roof coatings

Roof Coatings

If you need an affordable way to improve your building's cooling efficiency and protect against all manner of roof damage, then roof coatings are just what you're looking for. Call our top-notch roofing company to learn more about this effective extra protection for your roof.

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Gutter protection

Gutter Protection

Gutter protection is one of the most important responsibilities of property owners as it prevents water damage to multiple areas of your home. If you need advice or expert gutter protection services from a reliable roofing company you can trust, then get in touch with Jack Rabbit Roofing today!

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Roof maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Quality roof maintenance goes a long way to ensuring the health and performance of your roof. To give your roof the care it needs to last, don't hesitate to call your top roofing contractor pros at Jack Rabbit Roofing.

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When you need a dependable, top-tier roofing company in Omaha with spectacular customer service reviews, don't hesitate to call Jack Rabbit Roofing and learn more about all we have to offer you!

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